Automatic grinding

MAUS has a consolidated reputation for setting a worldwide benchmark in the field of automatic grinding. MAUS is the only company anywhere in the world that is able to offer a comprehensive range of products and solutions for the automatic grinding of parts weighing from 1 kg to 10,000 kg. The range can be adapted to meet the full spectrum of production volumes; from low volumes - where the highest levels of flexibility are required - to medium and large volumes. Thanks to the experience accumulated over the course of twenty-five years in the industry, MAUS is able to provide:

The exclusive added-value solutions delivered by MAUS have what it takes to meet the increasingly deep-rooted requirements of end users in relation to the manufacture of parts with extremely competitive unit costs.

The machines and systems customized by MAUS feature very high levels of flexibility and versatility, excellent productivity, exceptional reliability and consistent finishing quality across parts of all dimensions and weights, using all types of processing.

The main sectors of application include: job foundries, captive foundries, automotive, municipal works, fittings, railways and special applications.

  Max part weight
in kg
SAM JB series 1 - 800 2,000 800
ROBOGRIND series 1 - 10,000 3,000 2,000
SAM AUTO series 1 - 800 1,500 800
COMBI series 1 - 800 1,600 800
HYBRID series 1 - 800 1,600 800
The technical charachteristics vary on the basis of the solutions and parts in question